Political Law and Government Affairs

A former member of the Colorado House of Representatives, Mr. Gardner brings unique experience to the practice. Mr. Gardner and his team are experienced in the formation and compliance of campaigns, committees, parties, and tax exempt organizations. Mr. Gardner has represented candidates and committees in ballot access, campaign finance, redistricting, and high profile election law cases.

The firm advises clients on a wide range of matters in political law with particular emphasis on campaign, ethics and compliance, and conflicts of interest with federal, state, and local laws.

In Government Affairs, our firm offers advice and counsel on legislative and regulatory initiatives, technical and legal advice, and public policy development, formulation, and monitoring.

Clients and areas of concentration include:

  • Associations and Nonprofits
  • Charter Schools
  • Defense and National Security
  • Economic Development
  • Homeland Security
  • Campaign & Issue Advocacy
  • Government Ethics
  • Foreign Policy
  • Procurement Advocacy